Gold merchants have been the subject of a combined ATO and AFP shake-down, suspected of withholding millions of dollars worth of GST.

A new figure has entered to the bidding dance for the takeover of Warrnambool Cheese and Butter, a much-loved brand for many Victorians.

Media boss Rupert Murdoch addressed some of Australia’s most prominent figures last night, praising the nation for overcoming the “primeval prejudices” and “stuffy, narrow-minded elitism” of its colonial past.

The Federal Government has announced the introduction of a new student visa, which it says has been streamlined to boost education numbers.

The Western Australian Premier still intends to shut several schools, but has put off revealing which will go until next year at least.

Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey has been engaged in a light scuffle on his way into Victoria’s Parliament House.

Sulphur dioxide levels in a north Queensland mining city have breached standard levels 11 times this month.

Members of the Australian media have been barred from attending a public briefing on international trade negotiations, with The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade saying journalists were not welcome.

Amended maps have been released showing the state of construction work for the National Broadband Network, upsetting many who thought their homes would be next in line.

A gathering of hundreds of cattle graziers has highlighted the continuing fallout from a governmental snap decision in 2011.

Arms have been laid down in the battle between a fast-food giant and residents of a small town in Victoria.

Nationwide productivity has increased, but the public sector cannot match the private sector’s confidence, a new report says.

There will be no money awarded to the public servant who made a claim for injuries sustained during sexual intercourse on a work trip.

A public servant who was sacked for airing opinions criticising her department has changed strategy in her fight for justice.

There has been widespread criticism of a proposal to move Centrelink’s front desk duties to Australia Post outlets, after the Treasurer confirmed it was an option.

The Climate Change Authority has called the Federal Government’s emissions reduction target inadequate, and not credible compared to other nations’.

A study has been published which tallies the positive and negative effects of working in an environmentally-conscious office, suggesting there are benefits both to people and the planet.

An inquiry has been launched after allegations that the firm in charge of expanding Queensland’s Abbot Point coal terminal has already failed to meet environmental requirements.

The Queensland Mines Minister has unveiled new water-use procedures for the Fitzroy River which will see some famers spray their crops with water from CSG wells.

A $55 million contract could help a massive mineral sands project out of a recent slump, with MZI Resources awarding GR the job of building its flagship Keysbrook site.

Reports this week have questioned what happened to the plan that would have seen Melbourne residents able to track public buses in real-time.

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