A Sydney council has launched legal action to stop the NSW government demolishing and rebuilding Allianz Stadium at Moore Park.

The Prime Minister Scott Morrison says the government is committed to its “big stick” energy policy, despite choosing not to bring it on for a vote in parliament.

Government documents suggest the nuclear waste site selection process has triggered mental health concerns, business boycotts and division.

There are calls for an inquiry into a $10 million taxpayer-funded investment in a Northern Territory bottled water company.

Mining labour firm WorkPac has been hit with an estimated $84 million class action.

Flammable cladding has been banned in buildings nationwide, but Australia may never be free of the risky material.

A new Federal Government plan will see migrants fast-tracked to regional areas.

The peak mining lobby says Australia’s resources sector is becoming too over-regulated to invest in.

A NSW court has ruled out a new coal mine on climate change grounds.

The idea that renewable energy makes Australia’s electricity supply less reliable is “wrong and dangerous” ...

BHP is looking for ways to both clean up legacy mining projects obtain biofuels from impacted lands and water.

Australia is installing renewable power faster than any other country, on a per person basis.

Reports say a close ally of PM Scott Morrison helped finalise Australia $50 billion submarine deal.

Australian Paper has completed a feasibility study on Australia’ first waste-to-energy plant.

A Brisbane company director has been jailed for a year and fined $1 million over a workplace death.

The resources minister is pushing for more NT oil.

Centre Alliance Senator Rex Patrick has challenged the cotton industry to justify its use of water.

Insiders have exposed apparent flaws in the construction of Sydney’s Opal Tower.

WA has officially launched its big battery plan.

Plans are afoot for production to restart at several historic Victorian gold mines.

NSW Labor says it may scrap the Wallarah 2 coal project, despite it having gained federal approval.

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