Changes in NSW should give builders more say with non-paying clients.

Consulting giant Ernst and Young has been accused of overvaluing a coal mine project by hundreds of millions of dollars.

Rio Tinto has announced that more top figures are resigning.

The Queensland Government will continue to employ someone in the position of ‘Chief Entrepreneur’.

Concern has been raised about the effect of a coal mine expansion on key swamplands in NSW.

Government authorities say farmers are having their best year ever.

Thousands of Brisbane 2011 flood victims have secured partial settlement in a class action.

Researchers have surveyed the drinking habits of various professions, and found builders are among the biggest boozers.

Unions and small businesses want part-time employees to work extra shifts without penalty rates.

Cultivated bacteria are being used to clean sewage at a wastewater plant in Brisbane.

A flood of renewable energy could render five of Australia’s coal plants unviable in just a few years.

A Liberal anti-coal policy is adding a new dimension to WA’s upcoming election.

A major Australian coal producer has made some optimistic claims about the rock’s future.

The Federal Government is looking at ways to dump its $90 billion submarine contract.

Research engineers say disposable face masks could be recycled to make roads.

Experts have criticised big pay rises in the wake of the blasting of Juukan Gorge.

SafeWork NSW is running a safety sweep of North Coast construction businesses.

Queensland authorities are tightening the rules around a specific kind of asbestos product.

Woodside has been criticised for its response to a military coup in Myanmar.

The United States has officially re-joined the Paris Climate Agreement.

A tiny, blind, carnivorous shrimp could hold up work in the Northern Territory's Beetaloo Basin.

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