A public servant who was sacked for airing opinions criticising her department has changed strategy in her fight for justice.

The situation began when Ms Michaela Banerji was fired from her job as a communications officer with the Department of Immigration, after criticising Australia’s immigration policies on the popular social networking site Twitter.

Ms Banerji says this week she has abandoned a Federal Court challenge and will instead take her case to Fair Work Australia, after losing a last minute Federal court bid last month to prevent her sacking.

The public servant did not hold back in her opinions and criticism of the government asylum seeker policies from behind the anonymous handle @LaLegale, which she continues to use as a frequent platform for her own case and related issues.

Ms Banerji has garnered a number of supporters within and outside the public service, who back her right to express an attitude while also delivering the services required by her professional position.

Courts will reportedly be told her dismissal is illegal because it is based on her expression of a private opinion.

A hearing before Fair Work Australia has been set for November.