The Queensland Mines Minister has unveiled new water-use procedures for the Fitzroy River which will see some famers spray their crops with water from CSG wells.

The wide-ranging plan for central Queensland’s water resources is now up for public comment, and will be addressed in a series of public forums over the next month.

Queensland Mines Minister Andrew Cripps the plans cover a number of points, including an expansion of water trading schemes.

Under the new plan, farmers in the Dawson Valley will be able to use water from CSG drilling for agricultural purposes.

There have also been measures proposed which would reverse an over-allocation of groundwater in the Callide Valley.

Mr Cripps says for some farmers, water entitlements will be cut, but there should be only minimal effects on agriculture. He also says farmers in the area can apply for a review of entitlements if their investment in water infrastructure is not adequately reflected in the allowance.

More details of the new plan as well as the time and location of community feedback meetings are available from the Queensland State Government.