Resource companies are being urged to hold on for a massive rail and port project in Western Australia, after work was stopped on the $6 billion development.

A former power station worker diagnosed with deadly mesothelioma will be paid compensation for his exposure to asbestos.

The Australian Energy Regulator says there could be benefits to several states if key infrastructure is upgraded.

The boss of one of the world’s fastest-growing computer companies has come up with a good way to keep his staff happy and motivated – by giving them money.

Tuesday September 3 was ‘Equal Pay Day’; a reminder of the 64 extra days per year a woman must work for her pay to equal that of a man.

Three Queensland MPs have thrown their support behind continuing sand-mining operations on North Stradbroke Island despite widespread environmental and cultural opposition.

The Fair Work Commission has ruled that emailing pornography through a work address is not an automatic sacking offence.

New research has found having visible tattoos can still reduce the chance of getting a job, but the stigma on body art is changing.

Experts say fathers are not the bumbling piles of domestic uselessness that TV ads portray, claiming that the modern dad is a different beast and that employers need to change the way they think.

Government authorities in Western Australia have begun surveying outside the Ord irrigation area in the Kimberly region – looking to see if the environment could sustain thousands of hectares of new farming operations.

The Woodside energy firm has announced that its partners in the massive Browse project have signed off on the use of floating liquid natural gas technology at gasfields off the coast of WA.

A Curtin University study has polled truck drivers who were involved in accidents over a single year, finding those who did not complete fatigue management training were six times more likely to crash.

With tele-working and remote offices fast becoming the standard for many employees, experts say bosses need to be aware of their safety responsibilities even when the office is no-where near.

Some of the major engineering groups in Australia say they have a long list of debts owed from resource and construction companies, but they are concerned that slowing profits in the sectosr could mean they never get what is owed.

It is Freight Week in Victoria this week; the annual event seeks to celebrate and draw attention to the state’s vital transport industry, and the thousands of workers it comprises.

There are claims this week that a company in WA is selling tickets and bookings for a convention that does not exist; ripping-off miners and engineers with the swindling scheme.

The New South Wales Government is undertaking a crack-down on service stations which fail to advertise the full price of fuel.

Gold production in Australia has undergone a significant boost in the past financial quarter, with companies registering production rate rises of 6 per cent.

Wearable safety computers attached to hard-hats may be the next big life-saver in poisonous work environments.

A Canberra public servant has been awarded more payouts after she fell off a chair at work in 2002.

The WA town of Busselton will have to wait for its first plane-load of FIFO workers, as the Fortesque Metals Group announces it will not be carrying out planned charter flights to the town.

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