The boss of one of the world’s fastest-growing computer companies has come up with a good way to keep his staff happy and motivated – by giving them money.

The chief executive of the Lenovo Group is splitting his $AUD3.58 million annual bonus between 10,000 staff in 20 countries.

Lenovo Chairman Yang Yuanqing will split a majority of his bonus between around 9,000 staff in China, with each set to receive about $AUD330.

Lenovo Spokesperson Angela Lee said: “As you can imagine, an extra $300 in a manufacturing environment in China does make an impact, especially to employees supporting families.”

The company is best known for buying IBM’s ThinkPad brand in 2005, it and its CEO’s time are now split between offices in China and the U.S. Some American staff will also receive a share of the bonus, but the majority will go to factory workers.

Yang “believes that he has the responsibility as an owner of the company and the opportunity as our leader to ensure all of our employees understand the impact they have on building Lenovo,” said a company memo published by Bloomberg News.

“Such a good humane boss, are you jealous?” said a post on Lenovo’s social media page.