The WA town of Busselton will have to wait for its first plane-load of FIFO workers, as the Fortesque Metals Group announces it will not be carrying out planned charter flights to the town.

Flights have been grounded after the operator flagged cost issues and insufficient airport services.

Busselton Mayor Ian Stubbs said his town was ready to welcome the workers, and will do so when the airport is complete.

“I’ve spoken with FMG and they’ve told me they had a good look [at flights] last year, but it didn’t work out due to changes to their rostering,” Stubbs said, “they came back again and did the same exercise and came to the same conclusion. They do intend to continue to monitor it to see if the sums add up in the future.”

“There have been a few other mining companies that have shown interest, but they are waiting for these jet refuelling facilities,” he said.

Some reports say a recent downturn in WA mining activity has led to the contraction of fly-in fly-out services for several parts of the state.