There are claims this week that a company in WA is selling tickets and bookings for a convention that does not exist; ripping-off miners and engineers with the swindling scheme.

Reports say the Perth-based company Australian Industry and Lifestyle Exhibitions has been advertising the three-day industry expo on its own website and other mining-related sites. The group claims the expo will be on at the Karratha Country Club in the Pilbara.

The operator of the Karratha Country Club says no reservation has been made for the exposition. Country Club general manager Nola Brown says “it was never ever booked with us.”

“I’m taking anywhere from two to four calls a day for the last probably three weeks with people who have paid the deposit for the expo and unfortunately can’t get their money back,” Ms Brown said, “hopefully it’s not going to have any kind of reflection on the country club, but unfortunately the website [makes it] look like it was us.”

One internet commenter said he had paid $5,000 to exhibit at the Singleton Mining & Safety Expo, originally scheduled for 2011, only for it to be subjected to constant delays, saying “every time [the organiser] postpones he sends you an email with the contract wording reminding you he can postpone any time he likes.”

The alleged organiser of the sham shows is named John Webb - he has been the subject of a Today Tonight expose and an Australian Competition and Consumer Commission ruling finding him guilty of misleading and deceptive conduct under the Trade Practices Act.