A band of roaming metallurgists will visit some of Australia’s most remote schools, burning things, blowing them up and getting students excited about mineral science.

The world's biggest coal port has been sold for $1.75 billion, but residents of the city it serves may have been short-changed.

A new source will supply gigalitres of water to mines in some of Australia’s harshest country.

A dangerous gas fire may signal that time is up for one charcoal producer.

Australia’s biggest private builder is facing $9 million in fines after a wall collapse killed three people last year.

Environmentalists have launched another community-run survey about coal dust from trains, hoping to force companies to cover their wagons.

A team of chemical engineers is working on a way to reduce an entire water safety testing lab into a single pill.

Researchers are investigating whether coal seam gas (CSG) activity could be causing methane seeps in Queensland.

The South Australian Road Transport Association (SARTA) wants to bring its counterparts together, calling for a national summit to sort out enforcement issues.

A pilot has been praised for his skill and courage after an emergency landing in Darwin.

Rio Tinto is about to start running its driverless train in the Pilbara.

Perth is considering allowing motorists to turn left at red lights, a rule that Brisbane has allowed but Sydney and Adelaide are looking at removing.

A major toll road builder is sinking its teeth into new infrastructure availabilities.

The coal industry’s digital weapon against environmentalists has launched to a flurry of online dislike, but some industry members say it is doing what it was meant to do.

The Crane Industry Council of Australia has warned that counterfeit ‘green sticker’ safety certification is putting lives at risk.

A new innovation will add to the energy-saving potential of buildings, with the addition of technology to normally drab drapery.

A new report says the Australian economy remains in a shifting state, adjusting itself from resource-heavy to a more varied base.

The Federal Government has unveiled its white paper on the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF), a main component of the Direct Action plan to combat climate change.

New Zealand is helping out its Pacific neighbours by supporting the construction of the region’s largest solar panel array.

Queensland’s energy provider Ergon has put out a new charter to simplify the processes of setting up new connections to the grid.

Another twist in the strange attempt to build a port in Australia, with the WA Premier saying Padbury Mining’s $6 billion plan probably won’t happen.

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