Perth is considering allowing motorists to turn left at red lights, a rule that Brisbane has allowed but Sydney and Adelaide are looking at removing.

A trial is being considered by Western Australian traffic authority Main Roads WA, which would let drivers turn left at a red light after giving way to other road users.

The practice is allowed in many international nations, as well as in Queensland, South Australia and NSW.

Brisbane has been running such a trial at five intersections since 2013.

Road safety authorities criticise the plan, saying that left turns on red have been shown to increase incidents.

“Studies conducted overseas have shown that crashes increase at intersections that allow motorists to turn left on red,” RACQ safety policy manager told Fairfax Media reporters in November.

The rule change is aimed at reducing congestion, with cars often banking up in turning lanes at busy intersections.

Main Roads WA says it will not start the trial until the results of the Brisbane test are known.

“Following completion of this trial, the Council will carry out analysis to determine the feasibility of implementing this concept on a permanent basis,” Mains Roads WA said on its website.

South Australia and NSW are rumoured to be phasing out left turns on red lights, reportedly over safety concerns.