First listed on: 01 August 2022

Electrician (Qualified)

This is your opportunity to bring your existing qualifications to an exciting and rewarding career, providing specialist support as an Electrician in the Air Force.

Your role

As an Electrician in the Air Force, you’ll be responsible for installing and maintaining power generation and distribution systems across a range of infrastructure in this action-packed role.

From temporary airfields built at short notice for air operations, to established runway lighting systems, to essential power and lighting systems for new developments on existing air bases, your work will be diverse and exciting.

No ordinary electrician job, you’ll receive training in general and specialist vehicle operation, have the opportunity to support other trades to perform their jobs, and participate in ground defence exercises where you’ll be required to provide temporary electrical services.

You’ll carry out these activities in a range of locations, some of which will be remote and challenging, but all of which will be rewarding. You’ll have opportunities to travel that are rarely available to civilian electricians, plus you’ll enjoy the added variety of working in the dynamic environment of Air Force bases as a member of a close-knit team of tradespeople.

This is your chance to carry out a fulfilling career whilst building on your existing skillsets and qualifications through specialist training.


You'll earn a good salary from day one, with a starting salary of $51,277 per annum plus 16.4% superannuation when you start your training, which increases as you progress.

On completion of your initial military training and initial employment training, you could earn $73,253 per annum plus 16.4% superannuation.


Upon completion of your training in Wagga Wagga, you may be posted to one of the major Air Force bases around Australia such as RAAF Base Townsville, RAAF Base Richmond or RAAF Base Tindal.

Life in the Air Force

When you join the Air Force, you’ll benefit from our investment in your professional growth and development, enjoy great work/life balance, a supportive team environment and extensive benefits – from free healthcare to excellent fitness facilities. Plus, there’s the potential for overseas travel.

In addition, there’s the meaningful experiences that come with serving your country. From participating in Air Force exercises and operations to providing support to communities in need, this is your opportunity to take on a career with many rewarding dimensions.

Apply now

For this role, you must be an Australian citizen, over 17 at the time of enlistment and have completed a Year 10 education with passes in English and Mathematics. You must have completed an electrical apprenticeship or similar, a current unrestricted electrician’s license or equivalent, and at least 12 months industry experience following completion of trade training.

You must also be able to obtain a security clearance and meet the minimum medical and fitness requirements. More information is available here.

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