Regulators say they are cracking down on ‘phoenix’ activity and dodgy pay arrangements in the construction sector.

As major car-makers Toyota, Hyundai and Honda prepare to release vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells, a new device could help the spread of advanced transport.

One New South Wales council has clearly stated its opposition to dangerous gas mining.

The Western Australian Government has announced an inquiry into suicides among fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) workers.

One regional capital and its residents will have to move, as rising sea levels bring oceanfront views too close for comfort.

An experimental energy company has secured $US2 million to build a molten salt reactor that eats nuclear waste.

ACT tenants and homeowners can now apply to find out if they have lived in a home contaminated by asbestos fibres.

The Business Council of Australia says Western Australia and Victoria’s refusal to join the national occupational health and safety scheme will lead to higher costs.

Toll will build some entirely new ships to fill a big new contract.

Australia will sell uranium to India following several years of negotiation.

A huge new oil deposit off Western Australia is being heralded as the largest discovery in over 30 years.

The WA government has approved $3 billion worth of infrastructure spending in Perth.

With more than 1,000 near hits around Australian railway lines every year, authorities are pleading for motorists to consider the potential impact.

A key figure in Australian logistics says action and reform are needed in five main areas if supply chain efficiency is to improve.

The Queensland Government will pay thousands in legal costs after it dropped over 700 charges against one trucking company.

New modelling shows that Austrlaia’s energy giant stand to make billion from ar educiton in the Renewable Energy Target (RET)

A man some considered one of the dodgiest politicians in New South Wales has resigned.

BHP Billiton is splitting in two, spinning-off some of its less valuable divisions into a new company.

Corporate and mining influences brought down the last Labor government, former treasurer Wayne Swan says.

More councils are calling out for millions of dollars in federal road funding to be unfrozen.

New analysis shows renewable energy is becoming the cheap and reliable option, while the uncertainty of gas requires a roll of the dice.

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