Experts say WA’s decision to keep mines open is helping prop up Australia’s economy.

BP says it is keeping its commitment to net zero emissions, despite rising costs pressures and reduced profits.

Former Labor MP Mike Kelly has found a new job with a global giant in spy technology, just days after retiring from Parliament.

A new report says Australia could power a manufacturing ‘renaissance’ using renewable energy.

Authorities are testing renewable methane in Australia’s gas pipelines.

Experts say there has been record growth in rooftop solar.

The Queensland Government’s latest COVID-19 stimulus measure is to open up almost 7,000 square kilometres of land for coal and gas exploration.

Logging of native forests appears to have increased the risk and of the recent, catastrophic Australian bushfires.

Hundreds of apprentices have been stood down in recent weeks, and the number of advertised positions has dwindled.

Melbourne’s West Gate Tunnel completion date has been delayed by a year.

The approval fast-track in NSW appears to be working, with a $2.2 billion redevelopment signed off ...

New research shows solar chimneys not only reduce energy bills; they can also save lives.

AEMO wants to be able to remotely switch off or constrain the output of new rooftop solar systems.

A new report shows coal power has an enormous need for water.

ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr has helped push down petrol prices in the Territory.

A leaked expert report shows the Queensland Government was informed of the risks of further gas fracking in the state's Channel Country.

The Federal Government is fast-tracking shipbuilding to keep people in jobs.

Energy Minister Angus Taylor is being criticised for obfuscation and opacity on a number of important matters.

A NSW government minister appears to be thwarting plans to fast-track major projects during COVID-19.

The competition watchdog has allowed mining companies to work together in ways that they previously could not.

BHP is looking at expanding its Port Hedland export capacity.

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