A night of wild weather has caused chaos on construction sites in Melbourne, prompting Victorian safety authorities to remind workers to strap down what they aren’t willing to lose.

Winds averaging 60-70km/h have been forecast throughout this week in the southern city, with peak gusts of 90-110km/h expected during the night.

High winds have led to several serious incidents on construction sites in Melbourne this year.

The latest tempestuous predictions have caused WorkSafe chief executive Denise Cosgrove to remind workers that partial and temporary structures can be a major hazard. She added that flying debris can easily be a risk to members of the public as well as staff onsite.

“Construction material such as roofing sheets and scaffold planks can be turned into deadly missiles if they aren’t properly,” Ms Cosgrove said.

“Any object that isn’t properly secured is at risk when strong winds hit.. and that means the people around them are at risk, too.”

Melbourne in renowned for its meteorological mutability, even more so at this time of year. Ms Cosgrove says with the packed social calendar the city has plenty of potential flying hazards.

“So the infrastructure associated with temporary events, such as marquees, portable seating, rides, bunting, flags and signage need to be assessed and properly secured to withstand strong winds, or any sudden wind changes,” she said.