The Western Australian Government has released the final determination of the appeals leveled against the Environmental Protection Authority’s (EPA) final report and recommendations for the proposed Browse Liquefied Natural Gas Precinct at James Price Point, north of Broome.


“I am satisfied the Appeals Committee of Dr Roy Green has carefully considered all the matters raised in the appeals and accepted the recommendations,” State Minister for the Environment Bill Marmion said.


“Essentially, I am dismissing some appeals and upholding others. However, I am strengthening the EPA’s conditions so the environment will be properly monitored and protected.”


The final report released by the Appeals Committee ruled that a number of changes must be taken to strengthen the EPA’s draft conditions.


The strengthened conditions include:

  • improving knowledge of and strengthening protection for marine fauna off the Kimberley coast, in particular whales, dugongs, dolphins, turtles and sawfish
  • reducing the impact of any activity on monsoon vine thickets
  • enhanced protection of dinosaur tracks
  • better addressing the risk of pollution from oil spills and air emissions.


“I have also agreed to increase the involvement of Traditional Owners and native title claimants and increase the requirements for stakeholder and community consultation in the development of a range of environmental management plans,” the Minister said.


“My next step is to consult with decision-making authorities and other agencies, including the ministers for Mines and Petroleum; Transport; Lands; and Indigenous Affairs, on whether they agree that this strategic proposal should proceed and, if so, what conditions will be set.”