The Victorian Government has officially granted planning approval for the $1.6 billion Webb Dock redevelopment.

State Planning Minister, Matthew Guy, said that the Port Capacity Project would cement the Port of Melbourne as the country’s leading container, automotive and general cargo port.

The planning process and amendments to the Melbourne and Port of Melbourne Planning Schemes stipulate the need for a landscaped buffer and the construction of noise walls to reduce the impacts of the operations on nearby communities.

“We have ensured that quality landscape and vegetation buffers be designed and constructed fulfilling the Port of Melbourne’s charter to deliver a vibrant, sustainable Port-City vision,” Mr Guy said.

Mr Guy confirmed that the Port of Melbourne Corporation will be required to comply with strict environmental standards to protect the Bay, waterways and the natural environment.

“During construction and eventual operation of the new port facilities new benchmarks for environmental standards and accountability will be set to provide the highest level of transparency and performance,” Mr Guy said.

Other approvals have been already been received from various government departments including the Commonwealth who has given the Project the green light under its Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act.