The Chairman of the Australian Trucking Association has urged the new Prime Minister to revisit investigations into the carbon tax’s impact on the price of diesel for freight.

ATA Chairman David Simon has written to the Government congratulating Kevin Rudd on taking his old job back, and describing the “massive hit” that operators have and will continue to be forced to bear due to the Government’s price on carbon emissions.

Mr Simon says; “The trucking industry will have a critical role in supporting the trade exposed sectors of the economy to meet these challenges, as well as in keeping costs down for Australians... the ATA recently issued policy proposals that would, if implemented, help the trucking industry do its job more safely and efficiently. Our proposals would also help secure the future of the small businesses in our industry.”

Speculation is still circulating over Prime Minister Rudd’s plans for the carbon tax, some sources say he’s likely to announce a reduction to the plan to win favour for the Labor party from opponents before the next election.