A giant of the Australian trucking world has been honoured as a National Road Transport Hall of Fame Icon of the Industry.

Legendary operator Ray Scott grew up around the trucking firm his father started in 1951, raised among the Commer and International rigs at his dad’s depot near Mt Gambier.

Ray cut his teeth behind the wheel driving 100-tonne road trains on the fuel run from Darwin to mines in Tenant Creek, Alice Springs and Mount Isa; each leg travelling over 2,500 kilometres.

Ray says he still enjoys the long runs in that part of the country, making the 2000km trip from Mt Gambier to Echo Hills a few times a year. He also enjoys travelling by road through the American countryside whenever he gets an opportunity to visit.

It’s not all work for the hardened road-master these days though, Ray reportedly enjoys the relaxing pursuits of sprint car racing, aeroplane and helicopter piloting.