Toyota has initiated a worldwide recall of 370,000 cars including 2500 from Australia, whose faulty electrics could mean the trip home becomes a crawling limp.

Reports this week say there is a problem when heat damages transistors in the electrical lines of the high-tech hybrid. When circuitry is damaged it sets off the warning lights and causes the car to enter ‘limp home’ mode.

Toyota is recalling the cars branded under its luxury arm Lexus, asking for Lexus IS350s which were manufactured between April 2010 and July 2011 and Lexus RX400Hs which were manufactured between June 2006 and December 2008 to be brought back.

Officials from the car-maker said in a statement: “In limited instances, the hybrid system will shut down, resulting in the vehicle stopping while the vehicle is being driven.”

A spokesperson for the company said there have been no injuries or death as a result of the faulty four-wheelers. She said the worst that could happen would be a car stalling in the idle of the road.

Toyota says repairs will be performed for free.