A new survey shows Australians know the value of home power storage.

Australians believe household solar storage batteries are the key to cheap and reliable energy, according to a Climate Council poll of 2,000 households.

Nearly three-quarters of respondents said batteries, coupled with solar systems, would be commonplace within 10 years.

Sixty per cent of those who already had solar systems said they were considering adding a household storage battery.

Reducing power bills emerged as the primary motivation for buying a solar battery, with just 6 per cent believing consumers were driven by the need to protect their homes from blackouts.

More than 50 per cent expected large-scale batteries would become common in the next 10 years too.

“It shows that Australians do understand that renewables — particularly solar and increasingly battery storage — provide a solution to high power prices,” the Climate Council's Andrew Stock said.

“I think it's very encouraging that Australians really do get the importance of new technology. There is very little appetite for keeping aging coal fire stations running in the Australian populace, frankly.”

The price of storage batteries fell significantly last year alone, and is down 5 per cent in the first half of 2017.