UPDATE Sept 19: It may be back to the drawing board for the UQ team today, after an unsuccessful maiden voyage. The project is to be discontinued after the launch overnight.

A release from the University of Queensland says both the first and the second stages of the launch have landed safely, but it appears that the final payload did begin collecting data, leaving researchers with nothing. 

The UQ team is understandably disappointed, details are in their statement


A project to launch a hypersonic jet from the University of Queensland is just looking for clear skies to fly.

The SCRAMSPACE research project is seeking to gain valuable insight into insanely high-speed travel, as well as bolster interest and participation in space science for Australia.

The jet has travelled to Norway for its maiden flight, it is hoped it will achieve speeds over 8500 km/hr in its few seconds of transit.

The incredible journey at Mach 8 has been made possible by the international collaboration of 13 partners and sponsors. The data will give insights into hypersonic physics, hypersonic combustion, performance of materials and components, and how these vehicles will fly in future.

The AUD$14 million project could take off at any time this week, researchers say. Engineers around the country will be waiting to see the latest achievement in flying technology.

More information is available from the University of Queensland