A Queensland team has become the first Australian squad to cross the line and complete the gruelling 3,000 km Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

Queensland's Clenergy TeamArrow used only the power of the sun to cover the Darwin to Adelaide route in about 40 hours, finishing 8th overall.

Their $250,000 solar car - which uses less power than a toaster - was again the quickest to finish from an Australian team, repeating its efforts from the 2013 Challenge.

The challenge saw 46 teams from 25 countries with completing the journey while showcasing the latest advances in solar technology.

It was won by the Dutch Team Nuon

One of the Clenergy TeamArrow drivers, Amy Gunnell, said her team was relieved just to reach the finish line.

“Everybody is just excited to be finished and we're all looking forward to a shower and a bit of a break,” she said.

“We hit a bit of a snag and had to do some running repairs about 24 km out of Adelaide but overall the car performed really well.

“We're delighted to again be the fastest Australian team because there was a lot of heavy competition in the top 10 this year. It's been a hard slog but we're so proud of the effort and dedication of the team.”