A report has found that strong and immediate action against climate change through policy and industry reform would create 102,422 extra mining jobs by 2030.


The report co-published by the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF) and the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) has found that strong action on climate change would lead to job growth throughout Australia.


The Creating Jobs – Cutting Pollution report finds that more than 770,000 extra jobs would be created by 2030 by taking strong action on reducing pollution. The report draws on ‘extensive economic modelling’ to show that every region of Australia would benefit from immediate and decisive action.


“The jobs identified are not just “green collar” jobs, but new jobs in traditional industries such as agriculture, mining, manufacturing and the services sector,” the report reads.


The report finds that strong and decisive action would have the following economic benefits:

  • 700,000 extra jobs when compared with little or weak action against climate change
  • Living standards will be 10 per cent higher in economic welfare terms
  • The nation’s GDP growth will be higher, with an average of 3.2 per cent in the event of strong action compared with 2.8 per cent under weak action.
  • The country will have lower debt as a result of lower imports of international permits, lower oil imports and improved energy efficiency


The ACF and the ACTU form a significant part of the Southern Cross Climate Coalition (SCCC), which is an alliance of social, union, environment and research organisations. 


The SCCC met with independent MO Rob Oakeshott to discuss the findings of the report and to lobby the Federal Parliament to back legislation to price carbon pollution and invest further in renewable energy.


The full report can be found here