Safe Work Australia has announced the public comment period for model work health and safety legislation for the mining industry.


In a partnership with the Commonwealth, state and territory governments, Safe Work Australia is aiming to harmonise work health and safety laws across Australia.


Safe Work Australia released the draft model Work Health and Safety Regulations, model Codes of Practice, A consultation Regulation Impact Statement and Issues Paper for public comment from July 15, in conjunction with the the National Mine Safety Framework, an initiative of the Ministerial Council on Mineral and Petroleum Resources. 


“Regulatory reform is particularly important to the mining industry where the incidence rate of work-related injuries and fatalities is one of the highest of all Australian industries, with 2395 workers’ compensation claims in 2008-09,” Safe Work Australia Chair, Mr Tom Phillips, said.


Mining is one of the high risk industries for work health and safety in Australia. The Mining industry employed 168 800 people in 2008–09, representing 2 per cent of the Australian workforce.


In 2008–09, the Mining industry accounted for 2 per cent of all serious workers’ compensation claims. This equates to seven employees each day requiring one or more weeks off work because of work-related injury or disease.


“These statistics demonstrate the importance of all work health and safety professionals and other stakeholders taking the opportunity to have their say in the public comment process. This will ensure that businesses and workers can understand these laws and they are effective in improving work health and safety outcomes," said Mr Phillips.


“Model work health and safety laws will ensure organisations can comply with one set of laws regardless of the number of states or territories in which they operate. This will ease the burden on business owners operating across the country”


“The public comment period is a good opportunity for businesses, industry and workers to express their opinions on key aspects of the mining industry.”


For more information on how to submit a comment or for more information on the model work health and safety laws, visit