The South Australian Government has finalised its road map to developing its unconventional gas resources, saying that it will chart the way for the State to tap into its ‘vast gas potential’.


State Energy Minister, Tom Koutsantonis, released the Roadmap for Unconventional Gas Projects in South Australia at the University of Adelaide earlier this week.


“South Australia’s unconventional gas sector can deliver billions of dollars of job creating investment and a new source of safe, secure and competitively priced energy for households and businesses both here and overseas, Mr Koutsantonis said.


“This Roadmap lays out the priorities for attention that once addressed will lead to even more unconventional gas being extracted from South Australia.”


Mr Koutsantonis said the Roadmap encourages safe exploration and production of unconventional gas through a robust and effective regulatory framework.


The roadmap was produced after the state Governement convened an ‘exaustive’ roundtable consultation process, involving over 200 participants.


Mr Koutsantonis said that the subsequent 125 recommendations for the full life cycle of unconventional gas projects will guide the emerging industry.


Copies of the roadmap can be found here