A new report by Geoscience Australia and the Northern Territory Geological Survey has identified potential uranium and geothermal energy-related resources in the southern part of the Northern Territory.


The assessment has been conducted in the region by combining newly acquired deep earth imaging, seismic data with geological and geochemical data. It identified potential for uranium-rich iron oxide-copper-gold deposits in the southern Aileron Province south of Tanami and Tennant Creek.


The area is currently being actively explored for iron oxide-copper-gold mineralisation and has potential as a future mineral province.


Analysis for geothermal energy systems revealed low to moderate potential across the assessment area with indications of moderate to high potential in the Pedirka Basin, on the border with South Australia.


Spending on mineral exploration in Australia continues at high levels. Mineral exploration expenditure in 2010-11 rose by A$718 million to A$2.95 billion, an increase of 32 percent.


Exploration expenditure increased for most commodities including coal (up 62 percent to A$520 million); copper (up 60percent to A$323 million); lead, zinc and silver (up 46 percent to A$76 million); nickel and cobalt (up 33 percent to A$271 million); iron ore (up 27 percent to A$665 million); uranium (up 27 percent to A$214 million); and gold (up 13 percent to A$652 million).

In addition to the report, associated maps and digital data have been prepared.


The report is available at: