Newly-appointed CEO of the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, Sal Petroccitto, has announced one small measure to cut costs and save time for truck drivers in Queensland.

Heavy vehicle drivers carrying out primary production journeys will not have to fill out their National Driver Work Diary, if in Queensland and travelling or working less than 160km from their base.

The reform expands the work diary exemption area from a radius of 100km to 160km for transport providers to primary producers in Queensland.

With stock and produce transport a key part of Queensland logistics, the NHVR says it has payed attention to the concerns of that part of the industry.

While exempt drivers will not need to use their work diary, primary producers and their transport providers are still expected to keep full records of work and rest time back at base.

The NHVR says record-keepers must also make sure they retain records of payments to the driver, which should include time-sheets if the driver is paid by the hour.

Adequate records must be kept for a period of three years.

Heavy vehicles being used for any other purpose must still fill out their work diary for any work outside the standard 100km radius, which was set out in the new Heavy Vehicle National laws.

Further information is available at the NHVR site