Queensland's new Major Project Office (MPO) has been opened by the State Government in a move to streamline approval processes for developers of major projects.


The MPO has been funded with $1.8 million this financial year and will work within the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 to facilitate and coordinate the planning and approval processes across government. The MPO will handle major projects that do not qualify for oversight by the Coordinator-General or the Urban Land Development Authority


The MPO has released a set of eligibility criteria for the use of the office, including the following


  •  Is in accordance with the strategic intent of a regional plan; and is in accordance with a planning scheme OR an established development sequence; 
  •  Involves a range of complex considerations that necessitate coordinated facilitation; and 


The office also announced that any projects wishing to expedite the development approval processes must also exhibit one or more of the following criteria:

  • has the capacity to generate significant economic, social and/or environmental benefit for a city, region and/or the State 
  • is a retail, commercial or mixed-use development with a value of at least $30 million, or an industrial development with a value of at least $20 million 
  • has a substantial and demonstrated commitment, financial or otherwise, from a party that is dependent on the delivery of the development.

Further information is available here.