The nation’s largest rail freight company, QR National, has officially adopted Aurizon as the company’s new trading name.


The change in trading name was overwhelming supported by shareholders at the company’s Annual General Meeting in late November.


The name is a portmanteau of the words ‘Australia’ and ‘Horizon’, which the company says conveys the geographical scope of the company’s expanding operations.


Managing Director & CEO Lance Hockridge welcomed shareholder approval of Aurizon saying it was important the company move beyond its’ past. 


“The business of the company is moving forward rapidly. It makes sense that we take a new name forward with us that embraces our future,” he said.


“We’re a very different company than when we went to IPO in 2010. This is our chance to take a major distinguishing step as we transform and grow. 


“We recognise this company’s proud heritage will always be in Queensland. That cannot change and nor will the engineering and operational excellence that has been honed by its employees over more than 140 years.” 


Mr Hockridge said constant confusion between QE National and Queensland Rail, the public transport agency for the state, had to be stopped.