A major mining company is making it easier for workers to fly-in and fly-out from operations in WA.

Rio Tinto has announced the opening of an office for FIFO workers at the Busselton Airport, it should serve all those going in and out of Rio’s works in the Pilbara region.

The new Busselton FIFO program is the largest in regional WA, according to Hope Downs mining operations general manager John Dumbill.

"We have chosen Busselton because it has such a great skill base," he said.

"It allows us to transport our workers straight from the region straight up to our mines in the Pilbara, and I guess it's about the regional support that we can put in and allow people to live in a great part of the world."

Mr Dumbill says it gives workers the option to move to the area, which 500 employees have already done.

"They live in the Bunbury/Busselton region in the South West and still jump on a flight up to site... they don't have to commute via road up to Perth so it opens up the opportunities for the employees," he said.