The Queensland Government will appoint an economic transition taskforce for North Stradbroke Island off Brisbane, after announcing that all mining on the island will be banned from 2025, two years earlier than planned.


Yarraman mine, which accounts for nearly half of all mining on the island, will close in 2015 and remaining operations will cease by 2025.


Last year, Premier Anna Bligh announced that all mining would end in 2027.


Ms Bligh has told Parliament that the timetable will be changed.


"All mining will cease on North Stradbroke Island by 2025," she said.


"Yarraman mine, which accounts for 47 per cent of all mining, will close in 2015.


"That means that after a two-year decommissioning and rehabilitation period, 75 per cent of the island will be declared national park by 2021."


Environment Minister Kate Jones has told State Parliament the area has environmentally sustainable economic opportunities.


"We know there is huge untapped potential for North Stradbroke to be a tourism mecca for south-east Queensland, with many different niche markets including eco-tourism, education camps, spa retreats and classic family getaways such as caravan parks and camping," she said.


Chief executive officer of the Queensland Resources Council, Michael Roche, expressed disappointment in the decision and said that CRL, which operates the Yarraman mine, had  been negotiating in good faith with the State Government.


"It seems to be an overtly political decision - the Government seemed to be intent on making a bold statement that we will legislate to shut this operation down and that's what they've done," he said.