WorkSafe WA says responsibility does not stop for the festive season.

WorkSafe WA Commissioner Lex McCulloch has warned both employers and workers to pay particular attention to safety before and after Christmas.

“As we head towards the end of the year and the festive season, it is timely to remind both employers and workers of the need to remain vigilant where workplace safety is concerned,” Mr McCulloch said.

“Five Western Australian workers have died so far this financial year as a result of work-related incidents, and even one death is one too many.

“Two of the five deaths took place in waste recycling workplaces, one at a minesite, one at a construction site and the latest in the forestry industry, illustrating that serious incidents really can happen in any industry, especially where safe systems of work are not in place or if these systems are ignored.

“Both employers and workers can feel pressured to complete projects or tasks before taking a break for the festive season, but safe work practices should not be sacrificed in the process.

“Trying to get things done quickly can result in a lack of attention to detail, and one moment of inattention can easily lead to tragedy, with the impact being felt throughout the workplace, family, friends and the community.

“Similarly, it’s all too common for workers to remain in ‘holiday mode’ after the festive season, so I appeal to everyone to make safety the top priority across the festive season.”