The Federal Government has announced it has granted Major Project Facilitation (MPF) status to the National Port Corporation’s Field Support Hub (FiSH).

The MPF status will streamline the delivery of the world-first scheme that will see the construction and deployment of a large scale floating logistics facility that will operate like a floating port.

“By declaring the project “strategically significant”, I am directing my department to do what they can to assist the company navigate and wherever possible, streamline the required planning and environmental approval processes. This declaration does not however guarantee a successful outcome in these processes or the commercial success of a project,” Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Anthony Albanese said.

If approved, the floating port would offer resource companies an innovative logistics solution in the construction phase of their projects.

“Early site works for green field projects are often constrained by remoteness, bottlenecks at existing ports and lack of local infrastructure,” Mr Albanese said.

“The FiSH brings the port and supply base to remote developments. In practice, building materials could be delivered to the FiSH then offloaded to shore by barge, as resource companies require, cutting the cost and time associated with getting major projects underway.”

Fully operational, the 300 metre floating port would provide 34,000 square metres of laydown area, customs and quarantine facilities, accommodation for 200 people and multiple shipping berths.