A WA lithium miner plans to establish the first mine site in Australia completely powered by renewable energy within the next three years.


Galaxy Resources won the Energy Generation and Distribution Award by the Sustainability Energy Association of Australia. The award ceremony, recognising sustainable energy excellence and innovation, was held in Perth last week.


The company received the award for its use of solar and wind power at its Mt Cattlin mine near Ravensthorpe.  Mt Cattlin is the first mine site in Australia to have real-time solar tracking panels as part of its power generating requirements. The solar tracking feature means the solar panels are able to follow the sun in all directions to maximise the power generated and provides 15% more power than a single axis systems.


Renewable energy generates more than ten per cent of the mine site's current power supply and the company plans to make that 100 per cent by 2014.


Managing Director, Iggy Tan, says the Federal Government's proposed carbon tax will see an increased interest in renewable energy sources within the industry.


"Well I think companies are still obviously being proactive about being sustainable and where they can be reducing their carbon footprint, but obviously the prospect of a carbon tax is also one of the important parameters to consider," he said.


Further information is available at www.galaxyresources.com