Queensland laws have prompted the developed of a brand new vehicle fire-suppression system.

New environmental laws have been proposed in Queensland and Western Australia which would ban fluorine-based fire foams in some circumstances.

Fluorine has been a central ingredient in conventional fire-suppressing foams for years, depsite it being a tocix pollutant.

Fluorine has been a benefit and a burden on the industry, as it needs to be dug out and disposed under strict safety guidelines every time it is used, as well as during annual maintenance checks.

But now Sandvik, a company which produces fire suppression systems in Adelaide, has released a foam fire-suppression system that is fluorine-free and rapidly biodegradable.

The company’s sales pitch states that the fluorine-free alternative is actually superior to previous foams, as it suppresses fires and maintains post-fire protection, while saving time and money involved in costly clean-up and environmental reporting required for fluorine-based foams.

Resource industry press Australian Mining has posted the following footage to give an up-close look the new Sandvik system deploying in a light vehicle at the Queensland Mining Expo in Mackay last week.