The Queensland Government is seeking to amplify its transport industry, with the release of its new Moving Freight strategy paper.

The Australian Logistics Council says the new measures have the potential to improve supply chain efficiency amid anticipated growth of more than 70 per cent by 2021.

Michael Kilgariff, ALC Managing Director says “the strategy is only as good as the tangible outcomes it delivers and so ALC will ultimately judge the Queensland Government’s commitment to improving freight efficiency on its ability to deliver on the final set of actions and to the projected time-frames... in saying that, ALC welcomes some key aspects of the Strategy, including its support for an inland rail freight line, improved freight data collection and an acknowledgement of the importance of land preservation for key freight corridors.”

With plans to expand northern coal ports still coming under heavy fire, the newly released paper covers only expansions to the Port of Brisbane. It will see the development of a dedicated rail freight service to the Port.

A copy of the Moving Freight strategy paper and the forum for feedback is available from the Queensland Department of Transport.