Curtin University has launched TopDump - new software to optimise waste rock and haulage management.

TopDump uses advanced algorithms developed by a team under Professor Erkan Topal, and was awarded the 2015 Science and Engineering prize at Curtin University last year.

The software allows open cut mining teams to better plan their waste dumping sites so that they match haulage schedules, maximising truck fleet utilisation and minimising haulage costs.

“[TopDump] presents great potential to reduce costs and to generate environmentally friendly waste dumps if we schedule the waste rock dump using a smarter scheduler,” Professor Topal said.

“It is definitely a good tool to use at the mining downturn, as cost cutting becomes a focus point, and good planning and scheduling will become a key to achieve this target.”

TopDump can work with both reactive and non-reactive rock, calculating ways to layer dumps to minimise acid rock drainage.

The software has been trialled on a high-tech model of a WA gold mine.

“The results have demonstrated significant improvement on cost saving with an environmentally friendly waste dump design,” Topal said.

“The TopDump model is ideal for greenfield deposit, but can be used for any open pit mining operations.”

More details are available in the video below.