Perth-based miner Crusader Resources has been granted approva by the Brazilian Governmentl to proceed with its Posse Iron Ore project.


The Brazilian Federal Mines Department (DNPM) announced it has approved the Economic Development Plan (PAE) of the mine, meaning the project will now proceed.


“Having the PAE approved is one of the key approvals required and we are really pleased to have the document in hand.  We can now attach it to the applications we have prepared for the environmental authorities and present the project to the council meeting, probably in the new year,” Crader’s Managing Director Rob Smakman said.


In parallel, Crusader has been pursuing a lower level environmental licence known as an LOP (Licensa Operational de Pesquisa or Exploration Operational Licence) which, if approved and coupled with Crusader’s current Guia de Utilização (GU or Trial Mining Licence) would allow mining to start at a restricted rate of 300,000 tonnes of ROM material per year.