A new program seeks to deliver widespread mental health messages to construction workers.

Research has shown, compared to other industries, those in construction are at a higher risk of experiencing mental health problems.

Under a new partnership between the Black Dog Institute and Target Tradies, a series of posters will give construction workers pragmatic, useful, and relevant tips on how to support mental health.

The aim is to help make thinking about mental health as normal as thinking about physical health and safety on site.

The posters also ask readers to ‘mind your mates’, in a bid to reduce stigma and to get readers to support their colleague's mental health, as well as their own.

“We know that people in the construction industry have a strong culture of safety, and looking out for their mates,” says Black Dog Institute research fellow Dr Mark Deady.

“We wanted to extend that way of thinking to mental health - knowing what the danger signs are, and either being there to help out a mate, or knowing where to seek help for yourself.”

The posters are bold and attract attention, using a play on words like “stressed and can’t nail it?" to make the signs and symptoms of mental illness relatable and quickly understood.