South Australia’s MSR Transport Operations Pty Ltd has been fined $100,000 for a string of serious safety breaches.

The SA Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) welcomed the findings and fines levelled by the Elizabeth Magistrates Court.

MSR Transport Operations was charged for repeatedly overloading a B-double heavy vehicle carrying grain during the 2011/2012 harvest season.

The truck was travelling approximately 120kms from farms to a receiving facility in north Adelaide.

The vehicle’s heavy loads accreditation was revoked in November 2011, restricting it to 42.5 tonne loads for failing to fully comply with an accreditation audit.

DPTI compliance officers got records from the grain receiver, which showed that MSR Transport was overloading the B-double up to 62.5 tonnes after their mass management accreditation was revoked.

The company was hit with 18 counts of severe risk breaches of mass.

But the company was forced into liquidation by the Federal Court in November last year, making it extremely difficult for it to pay the fine.

MSR Transport has just 21 days to appeal the court’s decision.

DPTI's Paul Gelston, Acting General Manager Operational Services, said the breaches were significant and repeated.

“The accreditation initially allowing heavy loads provides for operation in controlled circumstances. We work very closely with industry, particularly around grain harvesting and to have an operator working outside safe conditions places everyone on the road at risk,” he said.

“We welcome the decision by the Courts and urge all heavy vehicle operators to do the right thing, and most do.

“For those who don't - they are lucky if the consequences of their actions are only financial.”