A worker in the ACT has been awarded over $900,000 after he was injured, returned to work and was then assaulted by his supervisor.

In 2005 the man was working on a construction job at the Australian National University. He and another worker were carrying a large sheet of mesh when the other man tripped, trapping him in a bent-over position and causing significant spinal damage.

The now 41-year-old man underwent treatment and rehabilitation, attempting to return to work in 2006. When he did eventually get back on to a job site, he understandably refused a particular duty which would have re-injured his back.

The ACT Supreme Court heard that when he turned to leave after having refused the job, his supervisor grabbed him by the hair, pulled him back and kneed him in the groin.

In court Master David Mossop has awarded the man most of the compensation for lost earnings along with $9,000 in compensation for the back injury and $2,000 for the assault. The total damage paid will be $930,000.