The Australian Logistics Council (ALC) has released a new guide aimed at improving the safety of workers in the logistics industry by helping vehicle drivers understand the dos and don’t’s when using Load Restraint ‘Rated’ Curtains.

“Load restraint rated curtains are an important part of a vehicle’s overall load restraint system, but they need to be used correctly to maximise their effectiveness,” said Peter Elliot, Program Manager Safety with the Australian Logistics Council (ALC).

“This easy to use guideline is aimed at drivers and their supervisors to help them better understand how load restraint curtains should, and should not, be used.”

Mr Elliot said the guide was developed after extensive consultation with experts within the industry.

“It uses a simple tick / cross system with easy to understand diagrams with information on things such as load configurations and sizes; opening and closing curtains and whether or not a curtain is rated,” he said.

The Load Restraint ‘Rated’ Curtains Guideline has been developed as part of the ALC Retail Logistics Supply Chain Code of Practice (RLSC) which is an industy led code to assist signatories to meet their Chain of Responsibility obligations.

The Load Restraint Using Rated Curtains Guideline can be found here