The ABCC is increasing the number of workplace inspectors.

Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) boss Stephen McBurney says rogue union officials need more monitoring, especially in Queensland.

“There's a level of defiance in Queensland challenging us to devote more resources in Queensland than we are in any other state,” he told The Courier-Mail this week.

The ABCC has garnered $2.7 million worth of fines in Queensland since December 2016.

It spent nearly $3.2 million of public money running proceedings against unions, officials and workers.

The commission spent just $164,336 on cases against employers in the same time period, and $117,076 on a proceeding involving both an employer and a union.

It has not prosecuted a single employer over sham contracting.

“The ABCC embodies the deep-seated corruption of public institutions and legal due process that this government has adopted as business as usual,” CFMEU national construction secretary Dave Noonan said.