The major mining lobby has labelled new economic stimulus “good news” for mining juniors.

Work safety regulators are being given new powers to deal with prohibited asbestos when it is found in a workplace.

Quad bike manufacturer Polaris is leaving Australia over new safety laws.

Allegations have been raised about the misuse of public funds in a $440 million rail project.

A new report belies the idea that burning LNG is better than burning coal.

The NSW Government has announced its Net Zero by 2050 plan.

Australia's $80 billion Future Submarine Program is “dangerously off track”, according to a new report.

Oil prices have seen their biggest week of losses since 2008, rocked by pandemic issues in a market flooded by Saudi Arabia and its allies.

An official report has questioned compliance in Queensland’s CSG regulation.

Over a thousand Victorians have turned out to protest plans to store contaminated soil in a former coal mine.

An industrial chemicals firm has been accused of new stockpiling offences.

The NT Government has handed a contract for its $89 million Local Jobs Fund to a Queensland firm.

The Federal Drought Minister says the states will get more support in delivering financial help to bushfire-affected businesses.

The Federal Government has struck a deal to tap into the US government’s tightly guarded emergency fuel reserves.

The Queensland Government has given energy company Santos extended rights to explore environmentally significant areas for potential commercial gas extraction.

The head of the ACCC says the gas industry has mislead governments into approving projects that kill Australian jobs.

A new report says the technology to reach negative emissions by the 2040s is already available.

Five former executives will stand trial over a failed coal gasification plant.

A Victorian court has heard more details of ‘astroturfing’ by developers trying to buy approval.

Experts say Australia should ‘bank water’ by using aquifers as giant underground storage tanks.

Air pollution appears to shorten people's lives more that wars, malaria, HIV/AIDS and smoking.

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