A new deal has been signed for the construction of a 50MW/200MWh battery storage system in South Australia.

The ALP wants to rein in fixed-term contracts.

CSIRO was pushed to accept the Federal Government’s approval of the Adani’s groundwater plans, reports say.

A US jury has ordered Monsanto to pay $US2 billion ($2.8b) to a couple who contracted cancer after using the commonly used weedkiller, Roundup.

South Australia’s giant Tesla battery has delivered a $22 million profit in its first full year of operation.

WaterNSW has called for a curb on mining for two big coal mines in Sydney's catchment.

A new Australian electric vehicle company says it will start production next year.

A plan has been put forth to re-regulate South Australia’s energy sector.

Australia's meat processors want either side of politics to focus on soaring energy costs and labour shortages.

The Queensland government is seeking a further review of Adani’s groundwater plans.

The Federal Government wants to pay companies to test space equipment in Australia.

The Morrison government wants to reduce power prices by 25 per cent.

An underground coal gasification (UCG) plant is bidding for a contract previously held by a renewable energy project.

A new report warns climate change is a major threat to Australia’s financial stability, and poses substantial systemic economic risks.

Failures by the NT Government have allowed substandard iron ore mining operations to continue unchecked.

NSW politicians are pushing for compensation over a scrapped mine deal.

Authorities are responding to the growing silicosis issue in the stone industry.

The Queensland Government has rejected Adani’s plan to protect an endangered bird.

A new pilot project is turning human waste into energy.

Two big protests over the weekend showed anti-fossil fuel sentiment remains strong.

The East Perth Power station is to be lifted out of abandonment, the WA Government says.

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