Some drivers will face a rougher ride if the Federal Government cuts funding designed to give local roads a fair go.

The Federal Government has given more details of a large funding pool created to help displaced auto-workers find new jobs.

Architecture students have helped design and build innovative outdoor homes for a remote Indigenous community in the Northern Territory.

Transport operators and authorities will be able to boost safety through better communication, with the launch of the National Road Safety Partnership Program.

Health authorities say any exposure to diesel soot can cause life-threatening conditions in children and adults.

Another local government has called on the federal government to give it more power over coal seam gas and farmlands.

Researchers have warned that the dangers of large lead smelters are going unchecked.

The royal commission into the Rudd government’s home insulation scheme continues, and comments of some authorities have shown just how rushed the plan was.

One of the key people behind Queensland’s environmental policies is also a manager in the coal sector.

BHP says it has tasted success and will continue trials of driverless trucks.

The Victorian Government has pulled a pre-budget, pre-election move that few suspected – selling its Rural Finance Corporation to invest in rail upgrades.

State authorities at last week’s National Heavy Vehicle Regulator’s advisory group meeting say the regulator does not want to repeat its process permits failure.

A former Queensland Department of Transport boss has taken over the top job at the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator.

Iron ore mogul Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest has invested millions in a small Australian uranium company.

Tasmanian NBN contractors have met with lawyers to discuss legal action against one of the companies in charge of the roll-out.

The mining sector has added its booming voice to the chorus of discontent over proposed adjustments for more federal money.

A senior federal minister says big companies and unions should be banned from making political donations.

A perplexing attempt to secure a major project seems to have fallen through, with Padbury Mining calling off its Oakejee plan.

The ‘Uber’ car ride app is under investigation in several states over the possible breach of taxi laws.

State and territory leaders have agreed to sell off their assets in exchange for federal infrastructure money.

Trainees, apprentices and others on the very first steps of their career would suffer under some proposed changes, the ACTU says.

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