The world will be dealing with the cancerous effects of asbestos for many decades to come, but some are concerned that Australia will be less equipped to do so when the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency is scrapped.

A rehab expert says the new ‘earn or learn’ welfare system will severely impact injured workers, and could create a new underclass of those caught in the gaps between policy directives.

Coal giants say the Australian industry is being squeezed to its limit by high taxes and strong local dollar.

The house of the future may have just one kind of furniture.

Building products giant James Hardie may have doubled its revenue this year, but the company’s toxic past keeps knocking numbers down.

State road transport authorities say they were caught off guard by new limits on prime mover lengths.

A British firm is buying its way into Australian mining logistics, spending millions on a stake in a resource transport specialist.

Crane operators will be allowed to move their equipment without permits in Victoria, on particular roads in a deregulated network.

An industry body has warned that mining and processing natural gas in giant offshore factories will cost thousands of onshore Australian jobs.

The operators of one NSW coal mine say their healthy lifestyle program for workers has boosted mining output.

Industry analysts say Australia’s lack of engineers has been reversed, and there is now an oversupply in many sectors.

Some more details on the planned purchase of nearly 100 questionably-effective Joint Strike Fighters, with some talk that a vertical landing option could bring the cost even higher.

When big companies fail, it is often subcontractors such as logistics operators that feel the pain, but their plight has now been brought to the attention of the Federal Parliament.

A joint state and federal funding scheme will see millions spent showing new ways to use brown coal.

The Victorian Environment Department says a long-running underground fire at the Hazelwood coal mine has “created a choking reminder of the real price of relying on coal for electricity”.

CSR’s profits have jumped in the last year, up 143 per cent from a lively construction sector.

An expensive few days at Leighton Holdings, as the engineering and construction giant pays out a $70 million class action and gives a $23 million golden handshake to two departing executives.

One of Australia’s largest coal supporters has given a glimpse of how much money it costs to “do business in New South Wales”.

Analysts say the future of renewable energy investment in Australia is looking rough.

Some investors are outraged at the decision to appoint Tony Hayward as the new chairman of Glencore Xstrata.

A victory for community rights in New South Wales, as a gas drilling operation is shut down.

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