The Victorian Education minister has defended the state of regional tertiary education, which has been described as the backbone of rural centres.

The Labor party has joined the Greens in their push for a Senate probe into environmental offsets for mining firms, questioning whether the price they pay is really equal to the damage they produce.

The Prime Minister has set up a new council to support the timber industry, hoping to unlock the economic potential of Australia’s national parks.

The OHS scheme covering the building industry will be updated, with authorities looking to modernise and streamline processes while keeping safety intact.

Authorities are cracking down on a range of heavy vehicle faults this week, with a targeted spree in New South Wales.

A wiring problem appears to have been the cause of two bus fires in as many months.

Toll roads could be the solution to traffic congestion in Hobart, according to urban geographer and transport economist Bob Cotgrove.

Ongoing community concerns have prompted authorities to review the safety of a wet and slippery mountain pass between the Pacific and New England highways.

An earthquake in Western Australia’s Eastern Goldfields region has damaged one gold mine, but spared others nearby.

It could be a golden decade for one mineral with Australian production levels at their highest peak in years, and still rising.

Union reps and company heads have come together again this week, trying to sort out a dispute that saw 200 Aurizon train drivers on strike.

A mining firm has taken up the challenge of spreading safety awareness, hoping to teach drivers to avoid the ‘fatal five’ causes of road deaths in Queensland.

Lockheed Martin Australia has joined forces with the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) to launch a dual strike on the future of defence technology.

Local media reports suggest water-damaged explosives are still in the ground at the Mt Arthur coal mine, just like the one that led to a plume of poisonous smoke blowing across worksites last month.

The decline of Victorian manufacturing will have effects that flow throughout the state and the rest of the country, the first of which may be the death of the state’s electricity industry.

Qantas will face its first hurdle after dangling an axe over the jobs of 5000 workers, with one union taking the airline to Fair Work Australia.

The Federal Government has announced its ‘streamlined’ version of offshore petroleum and gas resource approvals, and already explorers are looking to sink their drill bits into the ocean floor.

A former Labor minister has come out in support of the Coalition Government’s moves to reform Australian workplaces, which the Prime Minister says should happen as soon as possible.

Residents of a small Victorian town continue to be blanketed by smoke and fumes from an underground coal fire, which authorities say will be investigated.

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