A bill which would have set a compensation standard for fire-fighters with specific cancers has been extinguished in the Victorian Senate.

A recent survey has shown a downturn in the amount of people working in the mining industry’s exploration sector, but seemingly no shortage of exploration going on.

There is a push on in Queensland to patch up compensation laws which some say are unnecessarily skewed.

A major investigation has been launched to try to decipher how two Qantas jets with hundreds of passengers between them came within a mere 215 metres of each over the southern coast of Australia.

A memorial has honoured the victims of mine sites in New South Wales, and encouraged current workers to be mindful of the many dangers in the industry.

Preliminary drilling will begin on the possible sites of eight new coal seam gas wells in New South Wales, with a water treatment plant to deal with the damage not yet completed.

An Australian company has received the go-ahead for an enormous project to build railways to carry resources across Western Australia.

Prison overcrowding could be creating an increasingly dangerous work environment for staff, according to the Law Institute of Victoria.

The International Transport Federation wants to see a mandatory weight limit for shipping containers criss-crossing the world’s oceans, warning of vast dangers posed by unweighed or mis-declared loads.

New homes could have their power and hot water provided by a single device, now approved for use.

The federal Minister for Small Business has instructed the Australian Tax office to lay-off on audits of independent contractors and the self-employed.

New research has digitally remastered our view of the brain, leading to a clearer picture which could help define better methods for brain-computer interfacing.

Researchers at north Queensland universities have reportedly been fending off waves of interest in their new robot arm for stroke suffers.

A senior figure in Australian resources and finance has said that the country could play a big role in the world’s nuclear future, if it does not mind holding the radioactive bag.

Several companies in the telecoms industry are taking the uncertainty over the future of the National Broadband Network as an opportunity to drum up some profits.

The new federal Environment Minister has begun tackling the ‘green tape’ he sees as strangling progress – hunting up 50 gas and energy projects left in limbo.

A recent study has found South Australia is reaching an ideal mix of cleaner, greener and cheaper energy sources, with residents paying $88 per year less for electricity now than in 2009.

A new report says millions of litres of water are at risk from proposed coal mines in Queensland’s Galilee Basin.

Workers from a liquid gas project in Western Australia have been fined after their industrial action was found to be unlawful.

The rolling tide that is Australian surfwear company Billabong seems to have landed on new shores, settling on a finance deal and new chief executive for the label.

Foreign workers will be slugged thousands of dollars for public education in Western Australia, for services that are free to everyone else.

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