A successful trial will see BHP roll out a high-tech new fatigue monitor on over a hundred of its massive trucks at an iron ore site in WA.

New regulations should bring about a healthy change in New South Wales mining operations, with adjustments to the state’s dust control protocols.

It is hard to imagine the trip from Melbourne to Geelong taking several days, but that was the case before the construction of a highway which has now been awarded for its contribution to Australian life.

Getting out of the car on a highway is always risky business, made even more dangerous when the car is enormous and in need of roadside repair.

With hundreds of job losses in recent weeks at mine-sites around the country, it is difficult to imagine some projects are looking to prisons to fill out their workforce.

The community surrounding a gold mine in Victoria have raised concerns about the operator’s plans to move from an underground dig to an open-cut project.

Victoria’s public transport network is set to undergo an overhaul of its IT systems, initiated by a newly-recruited chief information officer.

There has been no shortage of industry groups appealing for support from the newly-elected federal government, but few will be as used to campaigning as consistently as the RACQ in its quest to fix the Bruce Highway.

In a race that hopefully will not lead to cut-corners, car manufacturers are rushing to bring self-driving vehicles to the market with German maker Daimler leading the charge.

Toyota has initiated a worldwide recall of 370,000 cars including 2500 from Australia, whose faulty electrics could mean the trip home becomes a crawling limp.

Lobbyists and transport industry authorities are encouraged by the outcome of the weekend’s election, welcoming the new federal government and putting the word out that they are keen to work together.

A recent agreement has secured WA jobs in many trades for a number of years, with one group scoring a billion dollar contract to build large parts of a massive mine.

Hundreds have lost their jobs and worry is widespread among workers at a currently closed mine site in north Queensland.

A Nationals MP who has just been given a new job says he would be willing to go against the party line on coal seam gas.

A study by the University of New South Wales, CSIRO, the University of Sydney, and the University of California has tallied the true material footprint of several nations, revealing that some are considerably more resource-hungry than previously reported.

One of the country's few functioning uranium mines will soon be Australian in location only.

Coal and iron ore miners may be the most surprised to hear warnings about the future of Australia’s commodities markets, with new records set this month for exports to China and Japan.

Close to $23 million has reportedly been put aside for a new University College in New South Wales.

A new fund has been launched to develop Aboriginal businesses.

The first shovels of soil have been dug to signal the start of work on a new Charles Sturt University (CSU) building in Victoria.

The University of Queensland is brokering exchanges between fire-fighters and engineers to make sure buildings in the future are designed with fire safety as a top priority.

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